It’s the thought that counts

While I’m not generally an NPA-supporter, I support good ideas regardless of where they originate.

And Jason Lamarche, an NPA candidate for Vancouver City Council, has a good idea. The only problem is that his proposal addresses an issue that doesn’t actually exist in the city.

A dog-loving West End renter and first-time city-council candidate still believes his call for a city bylaw forbidding Vancouver pet stores to sell dogs is a good move even though the Georgia Straight could not find a single one that still does.

Pet stores that sell dogs typically acquire the animals through inhumane puppy mills and mass breeders. Richmond and Toronto have both recently approved bylaws banning the sale of dogs in pet stores, referring people instead to adopt unwanted pets from rescue and humane societies.

Despite Richmond City Council’s best intentions, their ban simply forced pet stores to move to nearby municipalities, including Burnaby and Surrey.

This is why Lamarche’s proposal is important. Even though the problem doesn’t currently exist in this city, by passing this bylaw we set further precedents for our neighbouring communities, and we can put pressure through the GVRD council to end the sale of puppies across the Lower Mainland.

So good work Lamarche, I only hope that Vancouver’s hyper-partisan atmosphere doesn’t kill this idea before it takes off.