No, I don’t

Look at this photo.

Herald reader L. Wolanski submitted this photo from Saturday's super moon in Calgary, pointing out the "Jesus-like" Face in the clouds. What do you think?

What do  you see?

I see the moon, some clouds, a tree, and an over-exposed light post in the foreground.

The Calgary Herald wants to know if you’re as pareidolia-susceptible as their reader L. Wolanski and see Jesus in the clouds.

Nevermind how angry this story about the supermoon will make Phil Plait, if anything the face in the clouds (which I didn’t even see at first), reminds me not so much of a mythical Jewish carpenter as a different famous face.

I’m continually amazed at the religious pandering that the Calgary Herald will succumb to.

One thought on “No, I don’t”

  1. Usually with these I can see it… I’m all like “yeah, alright… it’s a stretch, but okay…” but I can’t see it *at all* with this one.

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