Ontario passes Anti-Homophobia Law, BC next?

Today’s good news is that the Ontario Liberals and NDP cooperated long enough to pass anti-bullying legislation which specifically supports gay rights.

Furthermore, the bill forces Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools to permit students to form Gay Straight Alliances.

While those Catholic schools will continue to receive public money, some of which force students to endorse anti-choice petitions, it is a step in the right direction to ensure that LGBTQ students in the Catholic system enjoy the same rights as their secular school peers.

With any luck, BC’s coming anti-bullying legislation, promised by premier Christy Clark, will aim for the bar set by Ontario.


One thought on “Ontario passes Anti-Homophobia Law, BC next?”

  1. I was driving from Kingston to Ottawa at anorud 10pm friday evening , I was speeding abit . I passed, I think an OPP car which had a camera attached to it and it flashed ? It could of possibly just been his head lights . But Im pretty sure I saw a camera . He did not pull me over . I thought in ontario the only cameras are used for red light violations. Was I mistaken ? Can I recieve a ticket in the mail ?

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