On the Simi Sara show

On Monday I did a brief interview about Christy Clark’s recent bible comments on 100 Huntley Street and the BC Humanist Association’s response.

Ironically enough, the interview was on Clark’s old radio station, CKNW, with host Simi Sara.


Last week, Premier Christy Clark appeared on the religious program ‘100 Huntley Street’ and suggested that her faith and the Bible help her when making tough decisions. Now, a prominent atheist group, the BC Humanist Association, is attacking the BC Premier regarding those remarks stating that he comments have made them concerned that the “separation of church and state may be eroded in Canada’s least religious province.” The BC Humanist League stated that just under 55% of British Columbians identified themselves as belonging to some sect of Christianity in the 2001 census and director Ian Bushfield believes that the Premier’s decisions and policies should be formed in best interest of all the people of the province based on available interest. Does he think that Premier Clark’s comments are really something to be concerned about or just her latest attempt to win voters on the right?

Phone: Ian Bushfield
Executive Director of the BC Humanists

Here’s the relevant bit:

Simi Sara – 2012 Aug 6 – Clark Bible

I also like that they called the BCHA a “League” in that quote (right after the group was correctly identified). If we’re a league, does that mean we get a secret hideout?

If so, I dibs the Indian Arm Power Station.