I get email: Bibles and Abstinence

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TO: Ian Bushfield—B.C. Humanist Association

DATE: November 17–2012

FROM: Leonard R.,
Abbotsford, B.C.

SUBJECT: Article in Abbotsford Times — Nov. 8–2012

The article states you have protested to the Minister of Education of B.C. about the free distribution of Bibles to Grade 5 students at various schools in B.C. Your inaccuracy and intentional mischaracterization clearly reveals your intent at mischief, deceit and treachery.

1. You accuse; religion is creeping into the schools. How, in your puny mind, do you arrive at that? The Bibles are given to the students outside of the school, after class time, only to those students whose parents have given written permission for them to receive one. You are being devious and accusatory without substance. Quite a stretch of a wicked imagination.
2. Then you say “abstinence” is being taught in schools and somehow you link that to religion. Only a warped mind would concoct such a bridge. No science can refute the fact that there is no better way to avoid teenage pregnancy than abstinence. Disprove that, my uninformed friend. It causes me to question if you endorse the lecherous designs of those who would victimize impressionable young girls, lest they start to believe in abstinence and therefore would be less likely to permit themselves being impregnated. Just asking. .ca
You claim the “motivation” is religious.
Your letter to the Minister of Education of B.C. is serious communistic “motivation” to rob Canadians of faith of the freedom of free speech and replace it with your idea of mind-control, right?

Your interference in freedom of religion is vile, reprehensible, dangerous and a serious threat to traditional values. Traditional values are beneficial to everyone, yet you seek to destroy them. Shame on your destructive activities in this direction.
Obviously you prefer the society of the former Soviet Union or perhaps that of Saudi Arabia. If so, go and live there and that would be to the benefit of the rest of Canadians.

Leonard R.

One thought on “I get email: Bibles and Abstinence”

  1. Wow. What a nut job.

    “How, in your puny mind…”

    ” You are being devious…”

    “…a wicked imagination…”

    “…you endorse the lecherous designs of those who would victimize impressionable young girls…”

    I spend so much time talking to reasonable people that I forget that the world right next door to me is populated by people so delusional that they can take a secular act which serves to protect children and freedom and interpret it as a a threat to young girls.


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