Sex Workers to MLA: Buy local

Some stories you can’t make up.

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, Alberta MLA Mike Allen was charged in the summer with prostitution while on a trip to St. Paul, Minnesota. He left the governing Progressive Conservative caucus and currently sits as an independent.

He has been consulting with his constituents on whether to resign his seat and has attracted the support of an unlikely source:

…sex workers in Mr. Allen’s riding of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo want him to continue as their MLA.

The press release also states “that his activities in Minnesota would be lawful, private and welcome in Alberta, where Sex Workers are pleased to consider respectful requests for personal services.”

Finally, perhaps as a nod to the small-c conservative spirit of much of Alberta, they close:

Most Alberta Sex Workers function successfully as Independent Small Businesses. They demand that their occupational choices be respected.

One thought on “Sex Workers to MLA: Buy local”

  1. Susan Davis DOES NOT speak for the majority of prostitutes! Evidence submitted at the Bedford trial shows that 89% of prostitutes worldwide want out of the industry, myself included. She is speaking for MAYBE 5% at best. Society needs to see women as equal, valuable, contributing HUMANS within society and stop treating them as objects for sale in the marketplace.

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