Free Ukraine

I won’t claim to be well-enough versed to provide any deep commentary on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

Despite a truce between protesters and the government, more violence and bloodshed has broken out on the streets of Kiev.

What is interesting to contrast is the Western media coverage and response to this situation and the riots in Syria (and the entire Arab Spring to a lesser extent).

Where the Arab and Syrian protests brought fears of Islamist theocracies usurping the democratic process, only a few sources have noted the danger of the fascist elements of the Ukrainian protests. Of course, neither the extreme Islamists nor the fascists represent a majority of the respective protests, as my suspicion is that both are fuelled more at justifiable anger and frustration by average people angry at their corrupt governments (or dictators).

The forthcoming EU and US response will be interesting to watch as well.

In the mean time, let’s hope for peace and democracy for the people of Ukraine.