Choosing a Canadian wireless plan

Choice can suck sometimes. Especially when you want to be sceptical about new purchases.

Canada is notorious for having horribly over-priced cellular telephone rates, so when faced with the prospect of having to purchase a new cell plan, I would almost rather resort to smoke signals.

Nevertheless, I tabulated a chart that picks the best deals for myself which require: Continue reading Choosing a Canadian wireless plan

Good Customer Service

Usually I don’t expect much when I call a utility company in terms of customer service or getting what I want quickly or painlessly, but I must give special recognition to Shaw Cable/Internet.

Although you still have to go through an automated machine, you’re hooked up to a real person pretty quickly, and on the past few occasions it has taken less than five minutes to clear everything up.

On this last occasion, Sonia had taken over cable/internet services here at home (she moved in), and I had not called to cancel (although I did tell them I was cancelling when they called a couple weeks ago to try to sell me cable).  I then got a bill for August internet, so I called and said I was actually disconnected a couple weeks ago.  They quickly double checked their file, cancelled the next bill, and even told me they were issuing me a refund for the half of July that I’m not going to be using.  I want to emphasize that I didn’t even ask for a refund, he just told me the cheque is in the mail.

The only quarrel I may have with Shaw is that at $43/month their high-speed internet package feels a bit pricey (or I’m just cheap), but they do offer student deals in September if you sign up for an 8-month contract.

So kudos to Shaw, and may more companies actually strive to reach this level of support.