I keep thinking through the movie (“robots in disguise”), it just would have been the perfect line.

So last night I went to see the new Harry Potter, more so because friends were going than that I really wanted to see it.  But in my belief system you don’t get advance tickets for movies (or at least I’ve never done that), so I didn’t get to see Harry Potter.  Instead I saw Transformers (since I was at West Ed).  It was pretty radical (to use appropriate 80s terminology).  Not the greatest movie ever, but definitely not a let down.  The only downside that night was having to take a rip-off cab from West Ed back to my apartment (~$25 ride), because buses don’t run at 1am.

I also bought Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion, since it was on sale for 30% off at Chapters.  I started reading it and I’ll comment later on it (so far so good though).