Where is my life at?

Here’s an update from my life:

I currently am looking at doing about 2 more days of work, followed by moving into my new condo, followed by Orientation, followed by school starting with classes and a half a dozen things I have to organize.  But I also have training for another volunteer duty this weekend.

I’m entering my fourth year of university (with a fifth to follow), with a mere four courses, but I’m also involved in more things then I ever thought I would be.  And I am happy with how things are.

I am excited for the next couple weeks, it will be stressful and busy, but it should be pretty fun.

Anyways, I didn’t really have a point to this post beyond complaining about being busy with all the things I want to do.  So I guess I’m going to go to bed now.

My new computer

My old computer was dying a slow death, so I put the effort into pricing our a new system, and got all the parts for $400. The only part I save from my old system was the DVD-burner.

New computer

The part list is as follows:

  • Athlon 64 X2 4000+
  • ASUS M2A-VM Motherboard (with AMD 690G chipset, includes integrated ATI X1250 graphics)
  • 1GB Crucial DDR2-5400 RAM
  • Seagate 7200.10 250GB SATAII Hard Drive (16mb cache)
  • Antec Minuet 300 Case (with 300W power supply)

This is not a gaming system since I didn’t go for a video card. I didn’t build a gaming system for the simple fact that it’s been a long time since I’ve really warranted a gaming system, so why spend the money?

The case is the thing I’m really happy with, it’s beautiful.

Anyways, that’s my nerdy side-note.

US Presidential Candidates

Who would I choose?

Based on: http://www.selectsmart.com/president/2008.html – a decent survey of issues (mainly US ones, but still)

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100 %) (she’s even an atheist!)

2. Dennis Kucinich (89 %)

3. Barack Obama (85 %)

4. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (82 %)

5. Joseph Biden (80 %)

6. Hillary Clinton (77 %)

7. Christopher Dodd (75 %)

8. Wesley Clark (not announced) (75 %)

9. John Edwards (72 %)

10. Al Gore (not announced) (71 %)

11. Michael Bloomberg (not announced) (69 %)

12. Mike Gravel (66 %)

13. Bill Richardson (60 %)

14. Elaine Brown (48 %)

15. Ron Paul (44 %)

16. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended) (38 %)

17. Rudolph Giuliani (30 %)

18. Mike Huckabee (28 %)

19. John McCain (24 %)

20. Tommy Thompson (21 %)

21. Mitt Romney (17 %)

22. Chuck Hagel (not announced) (17 %)

23. Sam Brownback (14 %)

24. Newt Gingrich (not announced) (12 %)

25. Tom Tancredo (9 %)

26. Fred Thompson (not announced) (9 %)

27. Duncan Hunter (7 %)

28. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn) (5 %)

After you finish the survey you can look through a comparison chart of the candidates. I have to agree with it, Kucinich is my favourite, Obama’s against gay marriage (not civil unions though) and has a few other slip but is overall decent. So let’s see the Democrats, and then all Americans elect Kucinich for 2008.

Heat Wave

It’s been over 30C here for the last few days, and looks to stay that way for another 5 or more (does this demonstrate global warming at all?). My apartment doesn’t really get below the mid 20s at night, which makes it really uncomfortable to try to sleep. I’d say the plus is I get more time to read The God Delusion, but I’m so hot and tired that I can barely concentrate on the book.

Air-conditioning in my new condo will be nice (although conscience wise I’ll only use it in times like this when I need it to sleep), but I have no clue when that will be ready.

As for now I’ll try a cold shower and laying myself down for a few hours until morning.

Stampede Parade

Following Warped, I stayed the night and met up with Sonia again and we went down to the Calgary Stampede Parade.  Contrary to popular myth, you do not need to be there 2 hours early to be able to see (maybe if you want a curbside spot for your lawnchairs though).  The parade was good and had some decent floats.  I haven’t actually been to that parade for a few years (last time was at a party hosted by an oil company).

After the parade I wandered downtown Calgary (which is crazy busy for the next week).  I ended up at the library studying some old atheist books.

All in all a good mini-vacation to Calgary.

A tip from camping

Steak cubes

So I didn’t mention yet, but when I went camping a few weeks ago we discovered one of the greatest things to cook over the fire: steak cubes.

It’s pretty simple but requires a bit of patience. Basically either buy steak cubes or chop up a steak into little cubes, then roast a half-dozen of them on a stick over the campfire (just like marshmallows, but slower, and do not light them on fire!) Very delicious.

Free cookies!

So I walked in to ScotiaBank on Whyte today to get the last info for my credit card application faxed in, and they had free cake, punch, and cookies for everyone. And I must honestly say – Best free cookies ever. The free food was in celebration of Canada Day. It almost gives me enough reason to like big banks again.

How do I describe it

It’s so cliché to say I can’t find the words to describe how I feel about my special someone, but there’s a reason for most clichés I guess.

It all started in the whirlwind of the end of classes. I went to the Physics Undergraduate Society’s Yuri’s Night party on the night before my last EE 350 midterm. I went planning to go for only a couple hours, then study, before sleeping and then writing my test. Instead I met Sonia.

Ian and Sonia

I ended up seeing her every day for the next two weeks until she had to move back to Calgary. We talk nearly every day online and are always in anticipation for the next chance to see each other. It feels amazing.

I feel I have a connection with her, and that we can really get along on a variety of topics and share lots of interests.

Things feel really good right now. Love is a great thing to have, and I hope that everyone can be so lucky in their own lives.

The Scientific Method

There’s the question that’s been put out there in the past:

If there was one thing that you could pass onto a new civilization that knew nothing about the world, universe or anything, what would you (with all of 21st century knowledge at your disposal) pass along?

One famous scientist (who I can’t remember at the moment for the life of me) answered the idea of the atom, that all matter is made up of tiny particles (and so on and so forth).

My answer would be the idea of conducting the scientific method.  Basically that you can discover things most effectively by testing, creating a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis to see if it holds for all situations, and passing knowledge onto all peers to be reviewed and critically examined.

I see modern day society and think that so many people lack these basic critical thinking skills that if that could have been developed and imparted in the first steps of society a lot of modern grief could have been avoided.

But I won’t get off on a tirade.  How would you answer the question?