Open letter to Joyce Murray re: Israeli Apartheid Week

As I wait for my plane to Calgary then on to Toronto, I submitted the following to my Liberal MP Joyce Murray who recently criticized Israeli Apartheid Week as anti-Semitic, racist and intolerant:

Dear Ms. Murray,

It was with great disappointment that I read your recent statement Re: Israeli Apartheid Week. You state that "dissent and opposition to individual actions of the Israeli government are both legitimate and permitted," yet then make baseless accusations that the proponents of IAW are anti-Semitic, racist, and intolerant.

Please direct me to evidence that IAW seeks to destroy the state of Israel, and does not merely attempt to draw attention to the plight of the people of Palestine.

Many prominent Israeli’s consider the treatments of Palestine to be reminiscent of the South African Apartheid including former Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (

Pro-peace debates are what are needed, and the only side that is not at the table is the pro-Israeli side. This isn’t about Jews versus anti-Semites, it’s about two people’s rights to autonomously rule themselves.

Do the Liberal Party, and you personally support a two-state solution?

Ian Bushfield

Atheist poetry

When I say I am an Atheist by Dave Mason

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I’m not saying, “There is no god”
All I’m really getting at is faith is just a fraud

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I’m not criticizing you
I’m critical of bad beliefs — The things that can’t be true

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I sigh and shake my head
I’m the one responsible for things I did and said

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I like what can be proven
My feelings do not dictate me — Emotions aren’t that movin’

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I believe in evolution
To chalk this up to one great dude is not a good solution

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I must treasure every day
This life is all we’ve really got — Can’t let it waste away

When I say, “I’m an Atheist,” I’m not saying that I’m bad
The fact that many think we are is really very sad