Conservaspam returns!

It has been so long that I almost forget the odd joy I get from opening my mailbox to find a Conservaspam leaflet from an MP on the other side of the country telling me how evil those Liberals are.

While today’s version is a repeat of the Just Visiting campaign, it does reference the “Coalition with the Ottawa NDP [sic] and the Bloc Quebecois.” Also, not that there is no longer any comment space on the return slip, I guess they never read the comments anyway.

With the recent progress made against these 10%ers, this may be one of the last ones I ever get.



I thought I’d outrun the Conservaspam

Leaving the only opposition-held riding in Alberta, I thought I’d left the Conservaspam 10%ers behind for the most part. Being in a riding that was won in 2008 by 9% by the Liberals, and that being the election where the Liberals bombed worse than they ever have before, I thought they wouldn’t waste their paper on me anymore.

I was wrong.

About a week and a half ago I got this little trinket in my mailbox from Minister John “F-bomb” Baird:

harperAd 010

harperAd 011

And since that wasn’t enough, Baird made sure we got another one this week:

harperAd 012

harperAd 013

Yep, not only are they both classic Conservaspam, but both are nothing but sleazy attack ads on Michael Ignatieff.

I really like how the baggage numbers above the “Ignatieff: Just visiting” luggage are to the Calgary International Airport. Apparently Ignatieff was just visiting the Stampede. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Ignatieff to just be visiting Ottawa, or at least Toronto (where his riding is)?

Finally, I wonder what “horribly arrogant” quotes we could find for Stephen Harper (left as an exercise, since I have to run to class now).

Conservaspam and Gritspam

I received my latest Conservaspam a few weeks ago (older spams here, here, here, and here), so here it is, this time portraying Mr. Ignatieff as a typical “tax and spend” Liberal.



Even richer though, is Liberal John Cannis‘ 10 per center from Scarborough Centre which accuses the Conservatives of underfunding science (notice that it follows almost the exact same format as the Conservaspam template):



I now actually have to give credit to Harper and crew for being willing to include the other major national party leaders (Layton and May). Harper’s arrow is even less pointed at himself on this one. However both loose points for no comment line.

I really find it rich that the Liberals are criticizing the Harper budget now, that they voted for over 4 months ago.

I was even a little wary that today’s Edmonton Journal editorial entitled “Curtail MPs’ newsletter rights” would simply be a response to this recent Gritspam, but actually attacks the Harpercons for using their 10 per centers to push their attack ads. Most priceless is Fort McMurray Conservative MP Brian Jean’s comments defending the spam:

I don’t think of it as an attack at all. I think it is providing information and my job is to inform Canadians as to what their options are.

Conservaspam…yet again

Today (meaning yesterday for me and last week for everyone not living in a condo) Edmonton Strathcona was blanketed, yet again, by taxpayer-supported Conservative Party spam.

This edition features very broad talk about lowering taxes and paying down the debt (which was more Chretien/Martin’s doing) and yet more “Stand up for Canada” badgering.

Interestingly, they do take this opportunity to remind us how “certain members of the opposition parties were plotting their undemocratic Coalition power-grab” while the Conservatives were clearly trying to fix the economy they didn’t think was broken using ultra-partisan attacks on women and worker’s rights (some of which made it into the budget anyway, and gained the more Conservative supportive Ignatieff’s votes).

The final bit of note from this piece of trash is that it comes not from Stephen Harper or Laurie Hawn, but from the wife of now unemployed (actually still a student) Rahim Jaffer, Ms. Helena Guergis, of the riding Simcoe-Grey in Southern Ontario (a long way from Edmonton).

Anyways, here’s the images for those interested:



Not entirely sure what I’ll write on this one, perhaps I’ll ask how ol’ Jaffer’s doing and if he thinks he can win the nod with the new competition.

Update: Here’s the message I squeezed into the few lines they give (and the PS below Harper’s mugshot):

Please do not mail me, you are not my MP. The Coalition was the first chance at DEMOCRACY* in Canada in a long time, so please refrain from lies & scare tactics.

P.S. How is Rahim enjoying retirement? You can keep him.

*By democracy, I refer to what the majority of Canadians want, which is not Mr. Harper.

In our system pro-roguing parliament without the confidence of the House is undemocratic.

And of course I checked Jack Layton, despite the nice arrow hinting at the “preferred” choice (does that really work on anyone?).

More Conservaspam

I got this one about a week ago, so here’s the latest in Harper and the Conservative’s use of your tax dollars: riding spam (especially to non-Conservative ridings like mine). This year’s tally is up to 3 now, two from Harper, one from Red Dawn Hawn.



Today we get to learn about crime and how Harper wants to throw all those rotten children in jail. I had already filled this out (and then blanked my address), and here’s my response (if it’s not legible):

Still not my MP. Please stop wasting tax $$ on propaganda. How are you dealing with source of crime? Try legalization of marijuana.

You can also notice the “Check one” arrow still points at Stephen’s circle. Also, I still lament the lack of a Gilles Duceppe choice, especially when Elizabeth May gets a circle.

Conservaspam is back

I’m not going to scan and upload the flier this time (Saskboy has a picture), it basically just tries to argue that putting away a mere $5,000 in a tax-free savings account is going to get all seniors (especially the moderately-well off Caucasian Wilsons pictured) on their “dream holidays.”

These fliers come courtesy of Laurie “Red Dawn” Hawn, Conservative MP for Edmonton-Centre.

Contrast with the reality that Harper attacked seniors as soon as he was elected by reneging on his income trust promises.

Again, the check mark points at Harper and asks us to “Check one.” Sorry Laurie, Jack’s got my vote again. And I left you the following message in the three small lines (I extended it to four) you gave me:

Last time I checked my MP was still Linda Duncan (NDP), not Laurie Hawn or Stephen Harper. If you want to stand up for seniors, don’t reneg on income trusts.

I do appreciate the thought that average Canadians will “STAND UP FOR CANADA” however, considering how much Harper wants to change what makes us Canadian.