Then the Journal publishes crap

Don Martin is a contemptible writer of the Conservative mouthpiece the Calgary Herald (which is to give it credit over the Calgary sun which isn’t so nice). Remember, the Herald is the paper that used Easter to doubly bash atheism. So seeing him in the news (not the opinion) of the Journal today was a sad disappointment (after the Journal moved up by bashing private school fundings).

Today Don is whining that politicians are ignoring this province.

Well boo-fucking-hoo Don. Why should Harper come here if you (and 60% of this province) has pledged allegiance to the Tories? It’s a waste of their time. If you really want to see some politicians in town, and to have a voice, you have to not sound like a whiny prima donna. By already giving the green light to the Tories you have given them a blank cheque that says everything their doing is a-okay.

Here’s the original for your displeasure:
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Duncan’s got the web

There’s a nice article in the Journal today praising the use of the internet as key to this election. They admit however that it’s often hard for local politicians to cover the web, but Strathcona candidate Linda Duncan gets a gold star for her (and her team’s) work.

One of the better local sites belongs to Edmonton-Strathcona NDP candidate Linda Duncan. Her site even provides a contact for “citizen media,” such as bloggers. Underneath, it has html code for people who want to include Linda Duncan banners on their sites.

Then local bloggers Idealistic Pragmatist, The Enlightened Savage, and Daveberta get nods too:

Jennifer Dailey-O’Cain, a University of Alberta professor who blogs as Idealistic Pragmatist, runs the site, which she calls “her baby.” She said it’s a relatively simple way to reach out to potential voters.

“I realized a long time ago that this was a way we could get people locally involved in the campaign,” Dailey-O’Cain said. “I think it really works — and it doesn’t take a lot of time and money.”

But while local candidates aren’t providing much web fodder, bloggers are picking up some of the slack. Dave Cournoyer, a liberal who blogs at, publishes a frequently updated list of nominated candidates in Alberta. The Enlightened Savage blog has an ambitious plan to write analysis of a different Alberta riding nearly every day until the election.

Meeting the candidate

So today was a whirlwind of political activity for myself.

First, I spent this morning polishing my EngPhys/Undergrad Physics Symposium and CUPC talk. Then I edited and finalized my submission for an opinion article to the Gateway.

I then headed to campus (as I deemed finishing my talk and article more important than my financial management for engineers class) where I signed on as a Gateway volunteer and got my mug-shot. I then did a final edit of my article and emailed it off (it had to be around 650 words). There’s a 14 day moratorium on the article, but the positions are summarized by my previous post on attaining a secular convocation. The article will hopefully run Tuesday if everything goes smoothly.

Immediately following that I headed to Dewey’s for the University NDP group’s “Back to School Socialism” event, which was a meeting with Linda Duncan, the New Democrat candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona. And I have nothing but praise for the woman.
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