Meeting the candidate

So today was a whirlwind of political activity for myself.

First, I spent this morning polishing my EngPhys/Undergrad Physics Symposium and CUPC talk. Then I edited and finalized my submission for an opinion article to the Gateway.

I then headed to campus (as I deemed finishing my talk and article more important than my financial management for engineers class) where I signed on as a Gateway volunteer and got my mug-shot. I then did a final edit of my article and emailed it off (it had to be around 650 words). There’s a 14 day moratorium on the article, but the positions are summarized by my previous post on attaining a secular convocation. The article will hopefully run Tuesday if everything goes smoothly.

Immediately following that I headed to Dewey’s for the University NDP group’s “Back to School Socialism” event, which was a meeting with Linda Duncan, the New Democrat candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona. And I have nothing but praise for the woman.
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