Muslims run unchecked in Canada?

This is the latest YouTube video that’s making news in Canada:

A few thoughts cross my mind:

  • Does this shaky spy-cam action and rock music show anything other than the film-makers bias?
  • Why does this paranoid bigot feel the need to film a check-in gate?
  • And does this not worry airport security more than a family of travellers who have already passed the main security gates?
  • On a related note, what’s the real, scientific explanation of why we feel this need to see faces? We know people are very easily deceived, so what does seeing someone’s face actually accomplish?
  • If they are not who they say they are, won’t getting through customs in England be quite a bit more difficult?
  • Why question the gender of one of the passengers other than to suspect that most Muslims are terrorists?
  • If this “error” was so egregious, then I guess we must just be lucky that these veiled “women” didn’t use this opportunity to strike with plastic knives and bring down the plane. Or of course, there is no real need to be any more secure at the gate other than to ensure that people paid for their seats.

And while I deplore Islam and its brutal subjugation of women, ignorant accusations like this do nothing to help bring peace and freedom to the victims.