Heat Wave

It’s been over 30C here for the last few days, and looks to stay that way for another 5 or more (does this demonstrate global warming at all?). My apartment doesn’t really get below the mid 20s at night, which makes it really uncomfortable to try to sleep. I’d say the plus is I get more time to read The God Delusion, but I’m so hot and tired that I can barely concentrate on the book.

Air-conditioning in my new condo will be nice (although conscience wise I’ll only use it in times like this when I need it to sleep), but I have no clue when that will be ready.

As for now I’ll try a cold shower and laying myself down for a few hours until morning.

Global warming is still real

Hey remember that film Al Gore made a year ago? Well I actually never saw it, but I have looked into actual studies and the science (of which there isn’t as much discord as some may have you believe). The key point to remember is that global warming is happening, and its most likely our own damn fault.

So what should we do? Not driving Hummers (or any large vehicle for that matter), or just driving less in general is a good start. Turning lights, computers, and electronic devices off when not in use helps too. Also start promoting these ideas to family, coworkers, and friends.

No one is really expected to make mad dramatic shifts in their lifestyle (like giving up all forms of non-recyclable products), but many minor shifts made by many people can quickly add up.

The environment does matter, so lets do something about it.