Secular convocation news, again

It’s been a few weeks since the secular convocation at the UofA issue was in the news, but now we’ve got some more recent hits.

The American ‘left’ to cut spending?

Again, showing that neo-cons have no economic knowledge, Obama has announced that to try to afford these giant bailouts, he will be instituting a series of spending cuts across the board.

Want something that doesn’t really need funding in the USA?

The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives eats a whopping $2 billion for prostylization of the disadvantaged.

It’s not on the order of the $1 trillion dollar deficit he’s faced with, but every little bit counts.

Actually, my serious hope is that research, education, and health care don’t feel any pressure in the USA (except perhaps the school voucher scam). It’s not easy to inherit the worst economic situation the US has seen in decades, but hopefully the right action is taken.

Still not getting it…

So this letter came out in the Journal on Saturday, but I still feel the need to address it as it mirrors some of the the responses I’ve gotten.

Any old God will do in ‘tolerant’ society

As I watched the ceremonies for Remembrance Day I was suddenly struck by the closing statement of the main speech from the podium. “Please pray this to the God of your understanding and according to your belief system.”

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War on Christmas

Atheists shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas they tell me.

Well guess what, neither should Christians.

Remember those Ten Commandments that so proclaim the fundamental basis of Christian morality? Well numbers one and/or two (depending how you count them) are pretty specific about no idols. Hell, the whole story about the Golden Cow sums up the Old Testament God’s feelings on other idols.

So in modern incarnations of Christmas, where celebrators are pseudo-worshipping Santa Claus, the Grinch, Rudolph, Mary, a tree, or even Wal-Mart, perhaps the Christians telling me not to have a Christmas vacation ought to reexamine their own belief systems.

But further than that, what parts of Christmas are even Christian?
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‘Fan’ mail

On Friday, two letters (old fashioned snail-mail) arrived for me and the Universit of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics on campus. One ended up successfully in Student Groups Services, the other made it to ECERF somehow and was luckily retrieved for me before the mail staff there could return to sender.

I haven’t drafted responses for them yet, but will do so soon. Regardless, for your reading pleasure, I am transcribing the letters here (I’m going to remove their names, since although they disagree with me, they are polite and tactful, so I respect that).
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Slow and steady progress

First, you can continue to follow any new media hits on my main listing.

Today’s General Faculties Council Executive Committee meeting was encouraging for those of us awaiting an inclusive and secular convocation.

The committee was unanimous in favour of changing the wording of the current charge to something that maintained the idea that degrees should be used to some greater good while recognizing the current charge is “exclusive” and “out dated.”

Their move was to create a subcommittee which is tasked with drafting one or more new charges, gathering opinions on those charges from the University community, and then reporting back the the Executive Committee on Monday, December 1 (likely also at 2:00 PM in a public meeting in University Hall).

GFC Exec will likely then debate the suggestions and pass them to main GFC for January with the suggestion of adopting an alternate wording.
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