Edmonton-Strathcona Garneau Candidates Forum

This is the last election forum I’ll be at for a while (hopefully). If you are interested, there is a Social Justice and Green Peace forum at SUB Stage on campus tomorrow at 7:00 PM, but Jaffer won’t be there either.

My other two writeups are here for the SU forum, and here for the King’s forum.

So who was here this time?

Linda Duncan (NDP), Claudette Roy (Liberal), Jane Thrall (Green Party), Kevin Hunter (Marxist Leninist)

I’ll let you guess who won.

So some summary notes:

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Avast ye scallywags


Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

As a special tribute, I want to make ye all aware of the Computer Engineers of the University of Alberta. They be the rowdiest crew of plunderers since the Last Saskatchewan Pirate (see the video).

Doubt my words about the mighty CompEs? Just watch the video below (2 parts):

As a final word, any buccaneers that be reading this in the area of Edmonton should do well to drop by Dewey’s on campus after 15h00 and visit the Pastafarians of the UofA Atheists and Agnostics.

Until next year, keep plundering the booty!

Colbert: Better Know a Lobby – Atheism in Canada

This past Friday, Lori Lipmon Brown from the Secular Coalition for America was on the Colbert Report, but Canadian’s have been unable to view Comedy Central’s feeds. Now the Comedy Network in Canada has posted the video. Unfortunately I can’t embed it (damn you CTV), but you can go here to see her interview.

Update: Unfortunately, this video has been removed from CTV. Hopefully you got a chance to see it. If you have a link to a site we can watch it in Canada, post it below.

Sex sells atheism?

There’s a new [tag]book[/tag] out by lawyer [tag]Geoff Henley[/tag] entitled “[tag]Beyond Reasonable Doubt[/tag]: A Lawyers Case for Disbelief in God” and rather than resort to traditional advertising means, he’s created a series of sexed-up [tag]YouTube[/tag] [tag]videos[/tag] to help him sell.

The first I came across was the [tag]bikini[/tag] girls [tag]cat fight[/tag] over [tag]atheism[/tag]:

The sequel to the cat fight features the [tag]girls kissing[/tag] and making up:

Finally, there’s the sexy woman in a towel arguing about the [tag]Bible[/tag]:

Check out his website for more on the book.


My newest video made after the Pride Parade with some friends in their backyard.