I hate God

If He were real I would that is.  Okay maybe hate is too strong of a word, but I don’t think the God of the Christian Bible is one that I would ever be getting along with.

First, from scriptures we see Satan created as a perfect being (Ezekiel 28:12-19) and an anointed cherub (or high-class angel).  Lucifer (who Christians assume is the same) decided that he could do a better job as God, and wanted to replace him at the top of the metaphysical totem poll (Isaiah 14:12-17).  There was a big rebellion, with Satan and the angels he’d convinced to join him losing badly (Revelation 12:7-8).  The rebels were then cast down to Earth (where they were given control) (Revelation 12:9, 12:12).  The rest of Satan’s story has to due with the supposed Second Coming of Christ, where Satan will then get sent to hell.

Now there’s a couple things to notice with this story:

  1. It’s patchy as hell (pardon the pun).  The references are all over the Old and New Testaments, and it’s a bit hard to piece together even when it’s spelled out for you. (This is a minor issue for me in this post)
  2. God created Satan, but Satan supposedly developed lust (read sin) on his own, even though God should have seen that coming.
  3. It’s not evidently clear that Satan is evil – he is portrayed as such in the Bible, but remember the books are supposedly inspired by the God who won in the attempted revolution.  If Satan had won he’d probably have inspired a different sounding book.

Now I’m not going to try to out-think a theologian and suggest Satan is actually a good character in the Bible, but I think there is something to say for the act of rebellion against a tyrannical dictator in the sky who promises eternal suffering for finite sin.  What’s more is Satan wasn’t alone, he attracted a lot of angels to his cause; that doesn’t mean his cause was virtuous (as many charismatic leaders have attracted followers despite their causes), but it does mean there were many angels willing to turn from the “divine.”

What my distaste for the Biblical God boils down to is that in the Old Testament He was a very fire-and-brimstone smiter of everyone He disagrees with (going as far as killing all Egyptian firstborns) and in the New Testament He said all who do not accept His Son (who is himself) as their saviour are eternally damned to Hell.  Both of these versions are morally abhorrent by modern cultural standards.  I don’t respect the idea (and neither would a court) that a thief is just if he offers his victim the choice between being shot or giving up some goods (in this comparison God would be stealing my “free will”).

I know the response that I’m going to get is that all I have to do is accept JC, but I’m offended by the thought of spending time in a Heaven run by a God who sends anyone to eternal damnation.  (Problem of Hell.)  I will have no part in such a farce.

If there is a Christian God (which I highly doubt), then sign me up for the next revolution.

Note: If this passage greatly offended you, I’d suggest you avoid reading the Golden Compass and its sequels (of His Dark Materials trilogy) which focus on a multiple universe rebellion against the almighty.

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  1. hey, Satan is in control of this world, through demons which are inter-dimensional beings. Back before the Flood times which Jesus Christ refers to in the Book of Matthew, there were angels that dis-robed themselves from their heavenly bodies to come to Earth and tried to create their own race, this was the rebellion that Satan inspired. The Nephilim who are aliens in reptilian and other forms are returning to Earth very soon. When they do they will be controlled by the Anti-Christ who everyone thinks that making friends with them and their new technologies will be a good thing… it wont be until the start of the Tribulation that it is going to be revealed that it was a huge deception and the aliens will begin to wreak utter havoc in the world that no one has ever seen. Rapture will occur before this time because people that believe in God will be taken (dont know how), and the unbelievers will be left here to believe the lie that the aliens are benevolent. Yea, I know this sounds utterly crazy… but it isnt. The Bible speaks on this topic almost as much as it talks about what Jesus did in the Gospels.

    1. Dear Mike I’m curious to know how you arrived at the conclusion and to what verse are you quoting in reguards to ” Back before the Flood times which Jesus Christ refers to in the Book of Matthew, there were angels that dis-robed themselves from their heavenly bodies to come to Earth and tried to create their own race, this was the rebellion that Satan inspired. The Nephilim who are aliens in reptilian and other forms are…”


    1. I don’t know what denominations most of these professing “Christians” belong to since most are incorrect and have a wrong view of scripture, which is dangerous and can have eternal ramifications.


      All of those websites are heretic. Especially the Universalism websites. The bible cannot be any clearer that the Lake of Fire is eternal torment. However, demons and their craftiness will twist scripture by using deceived men and women, especially in these last days to those who have itching ears.

      The bible clearly teaches that Eternal Torment is eternal (Matt. 18:8; 25:46; 2 Thess. 1:9; Rev. 14:10-11; etc…) and Jesus warned about this many times. Jesus spoke on hell and the lake of fire more than anyone in the bible. Why? to warn of it’s dangers. Don’t be deceived by doctrines of demons (1 Tim. 4:1-2)

      Ianon is also INCORRECT in stating “(Revelation 12:9, 12:12″ as an event that has already occured. This is during the last days when Satan and the rebel angels literally are cast down to earth and have no more place in the heavens (he cannot access God’s throne ‘3rd heaven’, nor the stars, nor the atmospheric heavens)…he and his fallen ones will be restricted to the earthly sphere in the FUTURE (last days). Which is why it explicitly reads ….”Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

      True believers will be in heaven, and the deceived (God will send them STRONG DELUSION ‘2 Thess. 2:10-12’)

      Also, the thingy about reptillian aliens being demons….there is absolutely no evidence of that. People will say anything these days to cause confusion and controversy. I know that these so-called “aliens” are demonic beings along with other types of demonic beings that roam the earthly realm stealthfully…OR NOT!

      Ianon also cannot be more incorrect in stating that…..”It’s not evidently clear that Satan is evil”

      Wow?? He isn’t evil? Jesus said that Satan SINNED from the beginning (1 John 3:8) and is the father of all sorts of lies (John 8:44). He is a liar, murderer and a sinner from beginning. There is NO Truth in him, and if that isn’t enough to qualify as evil, then all I can say is that I am appalled on how deceived people are in these last days.

      IF I don’t believe in God, it doesn’t make Him dissappear. Every soul will be judged by God Almighty. God offers the FREE Gift of Eternal life through His son by repentance/faith….we are free to accept it or reject it.


      God Bless!

      1. Oh great, another cherry-picking, cafeteria “chrisitian” with a self-righteous, holier than thou attitude, spewing a bunch of bs. Idiots like you are partly the reason people hate God and religion.


        I say to “Truth”, Heed your own advice and practice what you preach.

      3. “Truth” you should call yourself “LIAR”… shut your stupid trap and keep your sadistic god to yourself!!!

  2. Wonderful post! I too wonder if Satan was the GOOD GUY and God slandered him. When it comes to evil – infanticide, genocide, rape, incest- Nobody can hold a candle to the Judeo-Christian God!

    1. nigga you stupid how you gana say satan is good and god is bad. smart one take an o off from good and it gives you god

  3. Wow. All I can really say to both the original post, and the comment by ‘Mike’ is wow. Where do ideas like these come from? Aliens. No wonder you don’t believe in a god that would create such an obvious waste of potentially viable materials…(read-yourselves) and then allow the creatures access to the internet. No…such a god could not exist in the perfectly fragmented, compartmentalized worlds of isolation induced delusion in which you dwell. Go back to playing ‘World of warcraft’ and listening to black metal from Finland, re-do your black nail polish and write about how much you wish you were vampires in your myspace blog-and just leave rational thought and the serious discussion of adult subject matter to those best equipped to handle it. (read-Adults) Thanks for giving me an excuse to unload on someone who is less evolved than my own household pets.

  4. Actually, I don’t think the original post was that ridiculous. I disagree, but it’s a position that I can respect. (And maybe sometime I’ll take the time to talk about why I disagree.) Mike’s post was a little more… ummm… unusual. I’m not quite sure where all of that comes from – it’s certainly a distortion of my understanding of the Bible. “The Bible speaks on this topic almost as much as it talks about what Jesus did in the Gospels.” Apparently I missed that part of the Bible.

  5. He will not help my friend Steve get better after his coma. If Steve doesn’t recover, I will never forgive God.

    1. I hope that your friend is better, but if he is, it’s because of modern medicine or his own constitution. There is no god.

  6. I’m curious about a few things, reading these comments. Firstly, I am an agnostic (a recovering evangelical) who decidedly rejects the idea of hell. As such, I suppose I must also reject the Judeo-Christian God…to be honest, I haven’t worked up the courage to face this issue yet.

    Edward will probably be pretty surprised to hear that not all agnostics/athiests are WOW playing, black robed vampire wannabes. To burst that silly categorization, I am a 25 year old caucasian female, I wear clothes from Old Navy, work in an auto shop office, live with my fiance’ and have two small chihuahuas. In the fall I am attending graduate school to study counseling psychology. The thing I don’t understand is this: why does the concept of a godless world-view suddenly cause people to assume that this is dark and horrible? The search for meaning in a forced-love kind of environment (which is decidedly Christian) can be so desperate and unfulfilling. I find that my own search for meaning and truth was made so much easier and more fun when I took the figure of angry, damning god out of my world.

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  8. I hate God and I have a right to. I have been a “christian” since 1985. Many years! I prayed, read the bible, offered all kinds of things that I thought were a way of saying “thank you” to God. But my life since the day I was born has sucked fucking eggs! You wanna know how many times I’ve literally cried out my prayers in tears? You couldn’t count them all! And what do I have to show for it now… A fucked up life that is no better than the day I was born. I say if you want to succeed in life, tell God to fuck himself. He sure ain’t worth my time. If I have to suffer all my life, then I’ll just keep the offering plate money for myself.

    1. JOHN and everyone else who is angry at God. Don’t give up! He will show himself to be real to you! Sometimes things don’t come when we want them, but God is faithful to uphold us and bless us if we will just hold on. I know what it’s like to have a screwed up life. But listen, it’s not over yet! It may look screwed up to you, but He sees what we don’t see! Don’t you dare give up! Don’t let your anger cause you to sin either! Don’t steel from the offerring plate! HAHAH! Please just hold on a little while longer. If you have walked away, you can always come back. He will work with you wherever you are at inside. He will accept you with open arms. He is not angry with you. He cries with you and feels your every pain! I am asking Him to Bless your life and make it anew. I am asking Him to show you that He is ALWAYS GOOD and RIGHTEOUS. I am asking Him to use the crappp that has happened to you to bless other peoples lives. I don’t think you’re stupid because you are angry at God, and niether does He. He really does love you no matter what!

      1. What a brainwashed christian you are. This world is just a game. God is a sadistic fuck who gets his rocks off watching the world self-destruct. He is like the kid who pulls wing off of a fly.He loves that shit!!

        I bet he laughs his ass off at assholes like you who still love him after he sits back on his LAZY ass and does nothing to fix the cluster fuck we call the world. Christian say it is because he gives us free will. The truth is he does nothing because watching all the pain, suffering and agony is like a great reality show for him.HE IS LOVING IT!!!

        Face it. God is an absentee landlord. Worthless, un-feeling and EVIL.He designed us to fail and turns his back when we wail. How dare he test us? How dare he judge us. FUCK GOD THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.


      2. HMM..If loving you means he lets your older brother beat and rape you for the first 7 years of your life, a father who won the house in a divorce and kickes his ex wife and kids out on the street, your Mom’s drunk, wife beating, second hubby, every persone you ever loved has left you or died, you work 15 hours a day while people on wellfare have nicer cars and a house of there own eventhough you are ex military and never even claimed unemployment. The fact you prayed and kneeled every day for years offering praise and asking all your selfish thoughts and deeds go away and you get a life that was worse then before you knelt. Then yes I am loved LOL!! Hence why I see why Lucifer said it was better to rule in Hell then serve in Heaven.

        1. I’m with you, Chad. When I was faced last summer with the most devastating tragedy I could imagine, at first I prayed. You know that crap about “ask and ye shall receive”? Well, you won’t, because either he isn’t there or he doesn’t give a damn.

      3. Hang it up Autumn! God is a piece of shit.

        Evil, self-important, worthless.

        He won’t being waiting for you in heaven when you die. That is because he will be just as useless then as he is now. Look forward to eternal blackness and decomposition.

        So, shed that Christian guilt trip and embrace Hedonism.
        Why not?

        1. To carmine: I like your take on death a lot better than the babbling moronic gibberish that the spiritual terrorist piece of shit “Truth” wrote ( please refer to 4th comment from the top).

  9. I have gone through and read all of the comments on this site and am very moved. Why do we go through such great lengths to disprove God exists? Why do we say we hate God and curse God? Why do we get stuck and angry when we read certain passages in the Bible that we don’t understand or agree with? It’s simple! Poeple have shaped “GoD” for us! I know what you’re thinking.. I don’t think that the Bible is a joke. It is the word of God himself. It is not full of contradictions like so many claim. We are drowned in a culture that is obsessed with “HAVING IT MY WAY” and “NO CONSEQUENCES” or “NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH”. Whether we believe in God or not, we ALL struggle with wanting to be “OUR OWN GOD” Esspecially when we are confronted with the truth of somthing in our life that is wrong. No one wants to answer to anybody anymore for our lives. That is why we can look at the “OLD TESTAMENT ” God and say, “He is a TYRANT DICTATOR!”. We have no concept of how holy He truely is and our own understanding has been lifted up as if to attempt to override His absolute truth. We don’t want anybody to tell us NOTHIN’! Not even GOD! Faith? What the heck is faith? We have become so synical (did I spell that correctly?) of God because of what we have seen from many of those who claim to love Him. Hey! for all of you who are angry at God, I am too! Is He still God? YES! I was born in a religious cult that committed all kinds of horrors in the nae of JESUS CHRIST! If you can think of the most awful things possable, this is what I experienced for years! This was my introduction to life and God! My own birth father sexually abused me in the name of JESUS! He is an ordained pastor! I saw innocent children murdered. I was sexually abused by both men and women! YUK! Do I understand how God could
    allow that? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. When I do understand it is because I know that God does not “steal our free will” as one of this site’s comment claims. We can choose to do good with our free will, or we can choose to do evil. And as for “Hell”. It is real, but not a place that God loves to send people to who reject Jesus. God is HOLY! He can not be around sin! We choose to be separated from God when we reject the attonement that he offered us through His Son. God would be cruel to confuse you by saying there are many ways that could bring you back to me. Truth becomes watered down when we say that there are many truths and no absolute. If we “muddy the waters” who can say what is right and wrong” Not even God will be able to convince us. We are wise in our own eyes, and because of this, most of you will not even be able to understand what I am saying. You more than likely will mock me and discredit my comment. But remember, I am angry at God too! I have had a crappy life. Why am I angry at God? Because I am wise in my own eyes! Is God angry at me for being angry at Him? No! He is full of compassion and love. He understands why I am angry with Him. He knows that my anger towards Him only signifies the fact that I know that He is the “all powerful” God. But His love for us prohibits Him from overstepping our free will that He gave. He will not break His own law poeple. Even if that means evil people hurtting us or us choosing to do evil to others! It even means that you can reject the truth that He has provided.

    1. Autumn you need a big slap in the head. Maybe it will knock some of that shit free

    2. I find it ironic that you christians say “god can not” be around sin. First of all if god is so all powerful he can do ANYTHING! Secondly, god is the one who created sin.

  10. I hate god.

    But I also hate mankind and satan.

    I want to destroy all of you, even outer space.

    The planets are my enemies, their presence mocks me.

  11. i HATE GOD i almost killied myself because of him. At least I would see action in hell. SATAN IS THE WAY TO GO and i hope a christian sees this too.

  12. Amen to that Carmine 😉

    Also, what is this thing that God has against reptilian beings all throughout the Bible lol?

  13. Of course there is no god. How can anyone belive that such a being, if truly all powerful and all merciful and all loving, would allow some of the horrors on this earth. Sure, you can blame people for bad decisions like smoking, marrying the wrong person, being overweight, etc., although that’s a very un-christian attitude. But how do you blame a child born blind, a 6 year old with leukemia, a 12 year old with Type 1 diabetes, a young adult with Huntington’s or MS? A loving and powerful god wouldn’t visit such things on innocents, so when my son became ill last summer, at age 12, with a chronic, incurable, eventually fatal disease, it became obvious to me that there is no god. And if there does happen to be one, he is NOT worthy of anyone’s love or respect as he is a cruel, evil, demented being. If he does exist, you can tell him for me that I hate him.

  14. When people wrote the bible they messed it all up they could not comprehend what really happened so they just wrote what they understood. then they added alot of BULLSHIT like god created everything and god is all knowing and god is the answer to everything and i cant blame them they just wanted to feel safe and good and have all the answers they needed but it was a false sense of security god is just an ancient being and satan is just another being that saw how much god loved humans so decided to ruin humanity because he hated god.

  15. god does NOT decide anything he does NOT control what happens in your lives he Never asked to be worshipped that was just something humans made up cause they thought he wanted it. i wish religions would stop with the whole heaven and hell bullshit god ISNT judging anyone besides you have to survive death before you can even start talking about whats next 🙂

  16. If there is a god.. it means everyhting came out till now caused by him… all good and bad things.. all holy and sinfull things.. It means that he is no good or evil.. This world and human race is his reflection… even satan is created by him.. any property that satan has, indeed belongs to God… this is simple logic..so stop accusing satan for cruel things, and stop blessing god for holy things… because both most cruel things and most holy things happens with Gods will and knowledge.. if we quit simple logic and ask me my opinion, ? can say that cruel things happens more than good things.. so god deserves curse more then blessing.. and satan is nothing but his puppet and the reason of satans existance for god was necessary to have something to accuse .. so if you wanna understand god look at tihs world and see what it is .. this world is his exact reflection… and our exiastance, creation of the world is his silly childish game to reward less and anguish majority just to satisfy his massive ego to show his power…

  17. your logic is based off of the idea that god created everything and is indeed controlling everything still but the thing is he isnt. he isnt the only god either there are tons of them he is just the most powerfull at the time. people made up all the stuff about god being the creator of everything so that they could have one answer to any question “Gods will” it works extremely well to have legions of devoted followers following your every command because they believe you are speaking for there god.

  18. Christ said “My kingdom is not of this world.” He was born into, and lived in the utmost poverty. He died a shameful death hanging on a cross. He did this to show us that he is a God of love. Jesus lived not to lord over peoples lives, but rather to become their merciful savior. Christ will never force you to choose Him!

    Of course God is all powerful, all good, and all just. In the end He will separate the good from the bad, and bring those who honored Him with their life into the joy of Heaven. He allows evil to give all people a chance to choose good over evil. It breaks the very heart of Christ when people reject Him and choose evil and sin. Hell exists because free will exists. God allows people to make an ultimate choice as to whether they will serve Him or remain separated forever. Hell is the result of living without God – and yes, living without God is the ultimate sorrow and suffering.

    Choose Christ – in the end you will not regret your choice!

    “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

    1. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…that makes at least as much sense as the drivel above written by mary!

  19. you rock man i could not have said it more clearly than that … keep it up !!! i want to hear more !!!

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