13 thoughts on “My rally is bigger than your rally, Edmonton edition”

        1. The Pro-Coalition rally was on Thursday. There was an anti-coalition rally that day too which had around 100-200 people outside the not-yet-open constituency office of MP Linda Duncan.

  1. The pro-coalition rally in Toronto included a moment of silence plus speaker on violence against women. How’s that for respectful?

  2. At least 1000 people at the Legislature grounds today. Funny what happens when you hold these things on a weekend when most people don’t have to work.

  3. Patrick — I don’t think there were more than around 300 people at the Leg rally today. Global News estimated around 300 as well.

    ADHR — The speeches read at the anti-coalition (pro-Harper) rallies across Canada were the same, there was a moment of silence at the Edmonton rally as well.

    1. don’t think there were more than around 300 people at the Leg rally today. Global News estimated around 300 as well.

      Clearly, Dave, you weren’t there.

      I have pictures from that rally as well. At the high point of the rally, there were too many people present to fit into a single frame. I had to take three different pictures, two of which are published on my blog. A person would be hard-pressed to count less than three hundred people in any one of those pictures — I know I’d hate to try and count that many people.

      I know you’re personally predisposed to want to underestimate the numbers — apparently Global Edmonton shares that predisposition. It’s no surprise, quite a few participants at the rally were joking that the CBC would report that only 70 people had been there.

      Next time actually show up to see what happened, then you can try to correct me.


      Don’t you have some cyber-squatting stunts you should be working on?

  4. The Edmonton Journal headlines an anti-coalition rally of 500. It does not report any pro-coalition rallies in the front page story. A CanWest News Service nationwide story does mention rallies on both sides, but it’s buried deep in the News section.

  5. I was at the rally, Patrick, and I took some pictures as well. Perhaps there were more than 300, but not many more (and certainly not 1000 people).

    Also, I would love for you to explain how I am “personally predisposed to want to underestimate the numbers.”

  6. Who cares? It is a moot point anyway. The polls and public opinion have proven that the vast majority of Canadians are against the Coalition.

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