National Hockey Day, really Linda?

Private member’s bills are rare, especially from Edmonton-Strathcona, which until recently boasted one of Canada’s laziest MPs.

But a “National Hockey Day?

That’s what our NDP representative Linda Duncan wants to propose on Monday.

The Globe and Mail thinks she might be trying to court “the hockey-mad leader of another party…Prime Minister Stephen Harper.” And that would be interesting. A private-member NDP bill, seconded by the Conservative PM who promises to work on his cooperation skills.

Nevertheless, there still seems like bigger issues that should be put forward in parliament.

Hopefully, this is a game-winner for her and wins over the strategic hockey-mom vote in the future, otherwise it might be a sad turnover that leads to a short-handed goal for the opposition.

(h/t: @AB_get_rich)

6 thoughts on “National Hockey Day, really Linda?”

  1. Would it be a national holiday that is a day off of work? That should definitely be pushed for! (plus the provincial family day……could be two holidays in one week…….haha, yeah right) Then CBC can shift their “Hockey Day in Canada” from saturday to friday, so all of us hockey mad (meaning ME!) Canadians get a paid day off just to watch hockey.

    I like this woman a lot!

    1. It looks like on the surface that it would have the stature of Flag Day (which was the 15th I guess). Basically nothing special unless you’re involved in hockey, and if you are then you just get to feel awesome I guess. Although I guess some people want flag day a holiday, so who knows with this.

  2. This is wonderful! The NDP have their very own personal Kevin Taft. Hey, how’s about a combined Rodeo/Hockey holiday??? We can get Liberals dressed up in rodeo gear and get them to try calf roping ND’s trying to scurry away on a sheet of ice. Ok, I’ve stopped laughing now….but it is funny to picture it isn’t it?

  3. Okay, I don’t get it. Duncan seems like she has a lot of potential, but …? Admittedly, I’m not into spectator sports. But is there something behind this?

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