Nathan Cullen, the republican NDP candidate? #ndpldr

Nathan Cullen seems to be finding his niche as the controversy candidate in the federal NDP leadership race.

His first idea to hold joint nomination meetings quickly moved him to the bottom of a number of peoples ballots, but I’m reconsidering him given his latest statement

Hold a plebiscite on the future of the monarchy in conjunction with a referendum on voting reform. This would be the first time citizens have been asked about whether the monarchy plays a valuable role in 21st Century Canada.  It’s hoped the results would guide Parliament and legislatures on Constitutional changes, should Canadians indicate a desire for change.

Wow, I didn’t know Cullen was a republican, although he ironically referred to himself as a democrat in an interview with The Tyee. Anyone who says the monarchy “irks” them is good in my books.

He does note that the monarchy issue is a “distracting” debate and that there are more pressing issues that he’d deal with.

See also: The Globe and Mail.

One thought on “Nathan Cullen, the republican NDP candidate? #ndpldr”

  1. Sir:

    I can only assume that you are a republican yourself. I am a Monarchist but recognize we have come to the end of the line. May I suggest that the push be made not for an immediate abolishion but rather that the Queen be the last. Many older people have a sentimental attachment to QE II but there is not any automatic transfer to Charles III.

    The abolishtion should also be presented as a show of good faith to Quebec ( which it would be). It would be sure to be popular with Irish Canadians as well.

    (sorry about spelling)

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