Prayers in Peterborough go to court

Canadian Atheist blogger Veronica Abbass has taken her opposition with the Peterborough city council’s practice of reciting Christian prayers to court.

Her lawyer, Dan Mayo, is a Humanist Officiant and is active in the Humanist Association of Ottawa.

A woman is taking the City of Peterborough to court over the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer to open council meetings.

Veronica Abbass is hoping the City will decide to stop using the prayer now but if it does not, she is willing to take the case before a judge.

The City now has 30 days to respond, says her lawyer, Daniel Mayo.

Mr. Mayo explains the City was warned twice that the use of the Lord’s Prayer goes against Ontario law — the first time in a letter from Ms Abbass, the second time in a letter from Mr. Mayo on her behalf.

“It’s an explicitly Christian prayer…it’s straight from the Gospels,” Mr. Mayo says.

Good work Veronica!

Additional details can be read on this Peterborough Examiner article.

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  1. I can see where Veronica is coming from, very strange that a city would do something that violates the law.

    How did this case turn out? do you have more information on this please.

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