Joyce Murray on physician assisted dying

Just over a week ago, I commented on a post on Joyce Murray’s page (the Liberal MP and candidate in Vancouver Quadra) asking her position on physician assisted dying. She had just attended a panel on the issue and I was curious what her take was.

What I didn’t expect was her to call me back personally.

I’m really impressed she called back personally. Based on the caller ID, I was expecting a generic campaign message but this was nice.

It would have been nice for her to pledge a bit more and to not refer to an issue that 4 in 5 Canadians agree on as “controversial” but the efforts of the Liberals to spur government action months ago are laudable.

If you’re curious where I stand on physician assisted dying, here’s my speech (on behalf of the BC Humanist Association) at last weekend’s Dying With Dignity rally in Vancouver.

There’s links to more info on the current consultations – and the BCHA response – on physician assisted dying on the BCHA blog.