AM 930 The Light interview

I did another couple interviews today on secular convocation. I guess other media outlets picked up on it after seeing the Journal interview.

Here’s an interview I got to do on AM 930 The Light, which they attempt to convert me and mention Expelled (positively) about 3 times after my turn ended:

Click here for AM 930 The Light Interview (MP3)

Click here for AM 930 The Light Interview (MP3)

I was also interviewed for CTV News (again) and shown tonight. I recorded that, but haven’t processed and uploaded it yet (hopefully this weekend).

Finally, Global-Hamilton wants to feature this story in a discussion on their noon news tomorrow, but I’ll be in class. Someone from the group or petition will likely try to get in an interview though for it. So if you live in Hamilton, watch Global tomorrow at noon.

Seriously, I’m not trying to attract this attention. The Journal called me (after a friend brought it to their editors).

Secular convocation in the Journal

Things are rolling on the attempts to secularize the University of Alberta’s convocation. Today I was featured in an interview in the Edmonton Journal.

The article has a relatively objective tone, as the reporter did gather a few religious groups opinion, however, besides the evangelical Campus Alpha leader, most admit that it’s probably time to change the charge (which was to use your degrees “to the glory of God”).

On Monday, the General Faculties Council’s (the highest academic body on campus) executive committee is holding a special meeting to gather opinions from all sides on this issue. There will be two representatives from the Atheists and Agnostics there, as well as anyone the chaplain is willing to send, up to a dozen undergrads, and half a dozen grads, staff and faculty. In all, the meeting could take up to two hours if everyone shows up and speaks their full three minutes. At least there’s no debate on the issue (time wise I mean).

After Monday’s meeting, the issue will likely proceed to the full GFC (about 180 people) where it will be debated. Unfortunately that meeting is not until late November (after fall convocation), but we may just have a chance to change things for my spring convocation.
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