Do yourself a favour

Do yourself a favour and see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Then forgive them for the somewhat of a stretch for the ending, and just enjoy the ride.

I would have to say it is one hell of a fun movie.

This looks like the start to a kickass summer of blockbusters. Here’s a look into what I still want to see by the end of the summer.

First, what I want to be good (and likely should be):

And what I want to be good, but has potential to suck (I’ll hold out seeing these until the initial reviews give some glimpse):

One thought on “Do yourself a favour”

  1. my brother said indiana jones was totally crap-o-la so i haven’t seen it yet… and he loves that shit. Iron Man was really really good.

    Sex and the City was also VERY good. We got a little drunk before we went so I cried a lot more than i probably should have – but it was super good. and super sad.

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