The irony, it’s so sweet

“Minority governments show no particular tendency to fiscally irresponsible behaviour, contrary to some theoretical predictions.”

“A general observation would be that, while there is no evidence of a ‘chronic deficit’ tendency in Canada historically, neither is it clear how such a problem is resolved once it occurs.”

“The record indicates that particularly activist Keynesian policy has been rare in the postwar period. The results indicated that it should remain so.”

Harsh words for the current Prime Minister.

However, they come directly from his own thesis.

That’s right, just after Dr. Frank Atkins, Harper’s thesis supervisor, came out in the Herald stating: “This is not an economic budget in my mind. It’s a political budget, much more so than any other budget has been a political budget,” Don Martin, with the National Post, got a hold of Harper’s thesis and pulled some juicy quotes from it.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that Harper has sold his soul (again?) and upset around 90% of the (small c) conservative academia of the University of Calgary.

Now, if only there were a potential party on the right that represented the beliefs of disenfranchised conservative Albertan voters. Then the two of them could split the votes, like we on the (centre to) left have had to deal with for far too long.

(h/t: A BCer in Toronto)