UA SU Elections dissected

With the SU elections just over a day away (voting on Wednesday and Thursday), here’s my run down on all the candidates, with the bottom lines on their platforms. Scroll to the very bottom for my one-line endorsements.


Kory Mathewson

  • Flashy video and good ideas:

VOTE KORY from Mike Robertson on Vimeo.

  • Less experience compared to Turner.
  • Not a good reputation of service with Engineering. However, likely offset by commitment to Improv and work with University.
  • I like the feedback forms and actively seeking student opinions.
  • Perhaps too many ambitions (answer emails in 15 min), may give up on a number of promises.
  • Some vague promises: “Online feature for student groups”

Bottom line: Best candidate for a fresh vision to the SU, but I question his experience and commitment.

Jesse Hahn

  • ENCS student with very little SU experience.
  • Ideas for the most part seem unformed and not quite ready for primetime.
  • No website, putting him at a disadvantage to Craig and Kory. (h/t Denny)
  • He’s sincere, but I don’t think he’s the man for the job.

Bottom line: Hahn’s not the man, but I always say kudos for running.

Craig Turner

  • The most experienced candidate.
  • With AVAP experience he knows the direction the SU has been heading and can best make the incremental changes necessary to affect positive change.
  • The “exec kiosks” will fail epically. No one will care.
  • Perhaps a bit dull and uninspiring (website is pretty ugly).

Bottom line: If you like the direction of the past year, Turner’s a safe bet.

Mustapha Makhdoom

  • I have to say he’s one of the best “joke” candidates I’ve seen in many years.
  • No platform but lots of ideas.
  • Wants to abolish all funding to all religious student groups since UofA is a “secular” school.
  • I really want to see him in a one-on-one with Carl or Indira.

Bottom line: If you’re a jaded senior student who hasn’t been inspired by the rest of the candidates, he might just be the choice for you…

Vice-President Academic

Leah Trueblood

  • With experience forming CBAS, Leah knows the ropes and I think she’s got the ambition.
  • I hope that she will follow through on her goals to make the VPA a more visible position.

Bottom line: She’s unopposed, but I can’t think of a better candidate for the job.

Vice-President External

Beverly Eastham

  • Current VPX, can jump right into continuing her portfolio.
  • Perhaps hasn’t been as visible as would be nice.
  • Also is a bit soft spoken and perhaps not as assertive.

Bottom line: By being an incumbent she has the best ability to continue the direction the SU’s been headed. She’s the safe vote this year.

Aden Murphy

  • A good amount of experience and knowledge of the SU.
  • Would be a strong advocate with government(s).
  • Focus on rural Alberta may prove ineffective, but it’s also where the Tory’s power is.

Bottom line: If you think the VPX portfolio needs shaken up, Aden’s your man.

Justin VannPashak

  • Little to no SU experience.
  • I question lines in his platform like “Never support ANY motion to raise SU fees.”
  • Wants to fundraise to lower SU fees, does this mean bake sales?

Bottom line: He should run for Council, get some experience and feel out the system, then perhaps try again in 2010.

Vice-President Operations & Finance

Zach Fentiman

  • Although relatively unknown, he actually has a lot of experience with the LHSA, BSA, and has done the bookkeeping for both.
  • Wants to see expansion in SUB, and will support PAC only if it brings student space.

Bottom line: Another unopposed race and I think he’s a good fit for the job.

Vice-President Student Life

Nick Dehod

  • His speech reminded me of Kehoe with passion (and less facial hair h/t @davecournoyer)
  • He has a good amount of SU experience.
  • Not sure if the “street team” will fly, but it’s a neat idea.

Bottom line: He’s in this for the students, I’d say we should be behind him.

Ian Clarke

  • Has a cool first name.
  • Is less experienced.
  • While good goals at student involvement, not sure if there’s any plans for it.
  • Somewhat uninspiring.

Bottom line: I’d put this guy on Council and give him a year perhaps.

Health Plan referendum

Bottom line: This is the plan for the UofA, vote Yes.

For the uncontested races only (I fully endorse both unopposed candidates).

  • President: Still undecided. If I feel like change Kory, if I feel like experience Craig, if I feel jaded Mustapha.
  • VPX: Aden Murphy (Bev Eastham being a close second)
  • VPSL: Nick Dehod
  • Health Plan: Yes

See you at the polls!

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