Where was the Liberal Party?

In response to my MP Joyce Murray’s recent press release slamming the Harper Conservatives on climate inaction, I sent her the following:

Dear Joyce Murray,

I appreciate your statement challenging the Harper Conservatives on their inaction on climate change, however your own record in parliament is not much better. Can you please explain why you weren’t present for the vote to postpone Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, and why a number of your caucus members sided with inaction and postponed the bill, which the Liberals NDP and Bloc passed in the last parliament.

For your words to have meaning, they need to be backed with action. Without the passage of Bill C-311, we have no stance before the Copenhagen talks. We all knew the Conservatives were against action, but when the time came to stand against them and stand up for the environment, where were you, and where was the Liberal Party?


Ian Bushfield

A concerned constituent.