Not my government

Here’s a point form list of things that disappointed me about the Harper government, just today. This is for anyone still wondering why we don’t need an election to boot these backward theocrats out of office:

  • The HST (which the federal Liberals supported) is being blamed for the deficit going from $47 to $54 billion. While the transfer payments were only a couple billion each (I thought), I think at very least this adds weight to the argument that Conservatives are REALLY bad at managing the economy.
  • Next, the entire House (except perhaps independent MP Andre Arthur) should be condemned for passing a motion criticizing Maclean’s magazine for calling Quebec the most corrupt province. Perhaps if the Bloc motion had stated why Maclean’s was wrong and not just call it racist, I could support their disagreement, but as far as I can say, Maclean’s made a statement, backed it up, and now everyone is crying about hurt feelings.
  • More to blame directly on Harper is that his government is again lining up to be in contempt of the majority will of parliament by stating it will ignore a motion passed today calling for the reinstatement of the long-form census. Also in that story is the Liberals chickening out on EI benefits.
  • Finally, the good news that an Ontario court struck down laws that prevent prostitutes from working safely was quickly met with a rebuttal that the Conservatives will appeal it as soon as possible.