Paul Dewar ALSO in Vancouver Thursday

For those who can’t get enough of NDP leadership candidates, Thursday looks like a good day to live in Vancouver.

I just found the Facebook event for Paul Dewar’s planned appearance at King Edward Village (Knight and Kingsway) at 5:30 PM.

This event is scheduled to wrap up just before Peggy Nash makes her appearance at the Railway Club downtown at 7:00 PM.

Nash has been tweeting from Occupy Vancouver and the CUPE meeting in town. I wonder if Dewar will be around either of those events.

Even more interesting would be to see Nash attend Dewar’s event and vice-versa. The relative attendance at each event ought to be a good early indicator of their support levels.

I’ll definitely attend Nash’s event (since I heard of it first and her campaign interests me more), but if I can make it work, I may try to attend both events. You can look forward to some updates on Friday.

One thought on “Paul Dewar ALSO in Vancouver Thursday”

  1. Dewar attended the Occupy Edmonton event the day it started and even went back around 10 PM (along with Brian Topp and Nathan Cullen) that evening when there were rumors that the occupy people were going to be kicked out of the park they were in.

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