iPads and a new Job

Just a couple of pieces of great news for now.

First, last week my wife won an iPad through The Peak’s iPad a Day in May contest, and then I won one this week. We’re selling hers, but I’m writing this from my first Apple product!

So far I like the interface and the speed is phenomenal. I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of good free Google Apps that I’m used to having on my Android phone (like Google Drive, Reader, etc.) but I’m quickly discovering new apps for all my needs.

My other piece of news is that I have been hired as the BC Humanists first executive director! I hope to build on my work over the past couple years and really apply the knowledge and skills I’m learning from the nonprofit management courses I’ve been taking rough BCIT.

So hopefully I’ll be able to combine these pieces of great news and develop some promotional slides and videos for the BCHA that I can present on this iPad.

3 thoughts on “iPads and a new Job”

  1. Welcome to the cult! What’s the opposite of when it rains, it poors? 🙂

    Keep your wife’s iPad. You don’t want to share. As for apps, keep in mind that you don’t need them as much as on a cell phone, although some web sites won’t work because of Flash.

  2. Congrats on all accounts, especially the new position.

    You’re on a roll, don’t forget to buy a lottery ticket.

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