Moves and News

I think it’s far past time for me to drop fully back into blogging.

I’ve posted a few updates over the past couple weeks but I want to aim to really start building this forum again. So where am I now?
Nearly four weeks ago, Sonia and I left the often cloudy and rainy Vancouver for the often cloudy and rainy UK. Specifically, she’s working in a town south of Leeds while I’m currently seeking work in Leeds (feel free to pass along my LinkedIn if you have a job for me). You can read a bit about my travels on my Tumblr.

While I may not be working, I’m not idle.

Since arriving in Leeds, I’ve already attended events with the West Yorkshire Humanist Society and am helping lead a group to found a Sunday Assembly here. I will also be giving Monday’s Leeds Skeptics in the Pub talk on Canada’s skeptic community. I’ll talk more about all of this in future updates.

Unfortunately, I missed out on a talk by AC Grayling in York earlier this month but Simon Singh will be here for October’s Skeptics in the Pub.

We’ve also done a bit of traveling, already visiting London and Liverpool and with a trip to Manchester planned for tomorrow (and potentially Spain in early November).

I’ll finish with the surprise we found in Liverpool: a Haida Totem Pole from British Columbia, commissioned for the World Museum in Liverpool (fairly recently, so it’s there far more legitimately than some of the other First Nations or Egyptian artifacts).


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  1. Hey T

    I lived in Leeds in 1992-93 when my partner was doing her Masters. Not a bad place. It only rained once. It started raining in October and stopped raining in June.

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