Blog Updates

As you can maybe tell (if you aren’t reading this from RSS), I updated the theme a few weeks ago when I started blogging more consistently again.

I tried to go for a cleaner theme and I’m open to suggestions or criticisms.

Additionally, I’ve added some commenting options. People have had trouble with my CAPTCH code in the past, so it’s a bit cleaner now. Alternatively there are options to comment through Facebook or Google+.

Finally, I deactivated a few old plugins that are pretty redundant now and re-added Google Adsense to the posts (just a text banner here or there). Sadly blogging isn’t profitable enough yet for me to live off it full-time (or any amount of time) but maybe one day I could have some spare pocket change from this.

Feel free to make any other suggestions below. What should I be writing about? What do I not cover enough or too much?

And those who just want my travel updates can follow my Tumblr.

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