CFI Day Four or Getting home

So Sunday consisted of trying to get through the day on two hours sleep (after getting to bed at 6 am the night before). The early talks were okay, and there was an alright discussion, which threatened to break into an argument about feminism and affirmative action (to encourage women to be more active), but D.J. Grothe stopped it in time.

The best talk was easily Austin Dacey’s (CFI’s representative to the UN). He may have even been the best of the conference. I got a signed copy of his book. His topic was getting the left’s conscience back and standing up for freedoms in our society today.

Just before leaving Amherst a few Canadian leaders went with Justin Trottier to grab some swag to give away, however we got crashed by D.J. Grothe and were told that although it would seem rational for us to get stuff while we were at CFI, we shouldn’t really do it. I did grab a bunch of books though, and a copy of the Free Inquiry where they published four of the Danish cartoons that caused the controversy.

After that I got voluntold to drive back to Toronto with a couple people. We stopped at the Duty Free and I managed to buy Absinthe.

After getting into CFI-Ontario we hung out for a bit before getting a ride from Scott Rowed (Director of CFI-Calgary) to the airport.

I got into Edmonton on most perfectly on time, however they (being Edmonton Airport or Westjet staff) didn’t know where to park the plane for ten or fifteen minutes after landing. The WestJet flight attendants did sing us a WestJet song and told a couple jokes though. We also taxied from Pearson to the farthest runway, a good 15 minute drive (in the plane).

Once I got my bag I saw a friend who was picking up his girlfriend, and he offered me a ride, but I had a SkyShuttle ticket that expired at the end of September, so I passed. Then it took 40 minutes before the next Shuttle to University came. Then I forgot my sweater on the shuttle, and finally I got to Lister to set up ICOOPMA stuff an hour later then everyone else.

Then I had to be back at campus for 7:30am on Monday.

The CFI Leadership conference was amazing and a ton of fun. I look forward to next year.

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