The UAAA gets email

And here I thought most people were generally satisfied (not happy, but “content”) with the new convocation charge, and then the UAAA gets emails like this one from Jack Kotyk:

Well let me tell you how totally insignificant your efforts really are. So you want to be atheists that is your choice why not let everyone else believe what they chose. How wasted your efforts are trying to get the convocation address changed. So you win big deal, you seem like behaviorally challenged juveniles. Now get on with your petty lives.

Sometimes people give me that warm feeling inside. Oh wait, that’s indigestion…

5 thoughts on “The UAAA gets email”

  1. “why not let everyone else believe what they chose”

    I think (albeit with better grammar), that was the point of our complaint in the first place.

  2. Uh oh….I think someone needs to give their WWJD bracelet a good hard snap.

  3. The whole point of changing the charge was so that it was more inclusive towards those who do not believe. How can the phrase “use your degree for the glory of God” possibly be inclusive towards those who choose not to have a religion?

  4. I wonder if Mr. Kotyk sees the irony in his statements. Why not let everyone else believe what they want? That was the entire point of changing the convocation address. We weren’t stopping people from believing in what they want; we were doing quite the contrary.

    Calling us “behaviourly challenged juveniles” while at the same time, sending an angry email to someone you disagree with and calling their lives “petty” also oozes with irony…

  5. Ian, we really need to make a book out of all the emails and messages that you’ve received. I could use a good laugh during midterm week.

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