Attn: Manitoba NDP, remember your roots!

Why, when the NDP gets government, do they fail to achieve the socially progressive ideals of which their base supports?

The most successful government in Canada right now is arguably the Manitoba NDP led by Gary Doer. He has the only balanced budget in Canada and is largely popular in his province.

So why can’t his cabinet support funding for gender reassignment surgery?

It really puts you more in line with the Albertan tyrant Stelmach who recently began his quest to destroy public medicare by delisting GRS first.

So to the Manitoba NDP: Remember who supports you, so far you’ve failed to implement electoral reform (a major NDP plank nationally), and now you’re selling out the GLBT lobbies.

It’s frustrating how power seems to corrupt every party in our system (I can imagine the exact same things happening to you Green supporters too without change).

One thought on “Attn: Manitoba NDP, remember your roots!”

  1. It is disheartening, isn’t it? As soon as parties obtain power, they jettison so many of their principles. Even juggling for power will do that, as evidenced by James’-led BC NDP. Her leadership has done great damage to the party. Dippers were better represented by the feisty duo of Joy McPhail and Jenny Kwan in the Legislature than the bigger numbers under James.

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