A sample of the representation you could have…

To all my friends in the New Westminster-Coquitlam federal riding that has an upcoming by-election next week, if you vote Tory, this is the sort of representation you could have:

Conservative candidate Diana Dilworth will attend neither [all-candidates forum], according to her campaign manager.

She is boycotting one meeting “because of concerns the venue isn’t a ‘credible venue for citizens to find out what the candidates are all about,’” and “scheduling conflicts” prevent her from attending the other. The hosts of the supposedly biased forum had this to say:

Those criticisms come as a surprise to Burquitlam Residents Association president Don Violette, whose group has hosted all-candidates meetings for elections at all levels of government for 10 years and is usually praised by candidates for fairness.

“I find that strange to believe… all we did is ask the questions that are in writing,” said Violette, who said when he moderates, he takes pains to ensure all candidates get a chance to respond and makes sure questions aren’t slanderous or simply full of political posturing.

“I’ve been focused on being totally unbiased…”

Dilworth would attend a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce candidates forum, but they don’t hold them for by-elections.

Looking at the results of the past elections and the fact Ignatieff continues to lead the Liberals closer to the Conservatives, your real progressive choice (that actually shows up in the riding) is Fin Donnelly (but of course, I’m biased).