And, no one is going to notice.
The Plastic PM has called an election on October 14, three weeks before the Americans go to the polls. guess who gets all the attention?
It might actually be a good thing, the CPC is up in the polls right now, but the liberals often seem to fare better when both elections are taking place at once, presumably because they are terrified of the scary conservative politics south of the border.

It’ll be an interesting ballance, Harper is mostly only popular because no one cares about Jack Layton, and Stephane Dion creeps even me out. On the other hand, everyone in Canada, except Steven Harper really hates George Bush.

It looks like once again, I’ll beĀ  voting against, rather than for someone.
Anyone care enough to make some predictions?


5% of the country has already been invited to the election on Facebook. Voter turnout might not be as ridiculous as it was in our last election!

2 thoughts on “CANDA CAN HAZ ELECSHUN 2!!!”

  1. Actually, I lied, I worked as a poll clerk in the last election and someone definitely voted for George Bush. So, clearly someone likes that guy.
    I also got two votes for Harper, and oddly enough 1 for Ralph Klein. The cynic is me would like to point out that they are all Conservatives, though I won’t be surprised if someone votes for Obama.

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