Day of Debates

Today’s a busy day.

First up: Within an hour the Throne Speech will be read (supposedly as short as 10 minutes) and the opposition will get its first chance in 6 weeks to berate Harper to his face.

Next: At 2 PM I walk into the GFC meeting where we will finally decide the secular convocation issue. The proposed charge reads:

I charge you to use them for the uplifting of the whole people; for all who believe, to serve your God; to inspire the human spirit; and to pursue more steadfastly whatsoever things are true.

I may be introducing a motion to amend this charge, and I’ll report fully on the details of this meeting later.

Finally, tonight at 5:30PM in ETLC is the big UAAA vs. Campus Crusade for Christ debate on the existence of God. This is PZ Myers versus Kirk Durston. It should be exciting.

PZ’s talk in Calgary last night attracted 230 people, and we expect at least as many tonight.

And if that event isn’t enough, there will be an informal Pharyngufest at RATT following the debate.

This should be an interesting day.

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