Conservaspam is back

I’m not going to scan and upload the flier this time (Saskboy has a picture), it basically just tries to argue that putting away a mere $5,000 in a tax-free savings account is going to get all seniors (especially the moderately-well off Caucasian Wilsons pictured) on their “dream holidays.”

These fliers come courtesy of Laurie “Red Dawn” Hawn, Conservative MP for Edmonton-Centre.

Contrast with the reality that Harper attacked seniors as soon as he was elected by reneging on his income trust promises.

Again, the check mark points at Harper and asks us to “Check one.” Sorry Laurie, Jack’s got my vote again. And I left you the following message in the three small lines (I extended it to four) you gave me:

Last time I checked my MP was still Linda Duncan (NDP), not Laurie Hawn or Stephen Harper. If you want to stand up for seniors, don’t reneg on income trusts.

I do appreciate the thought that average Canadians will “STAND UP FOR CANADA” however, considering how much Harper wants to change what makes us Canadian.

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  1. Ok, perhaps you are correct about some of the Tax Free Savings Account hype is over-rated. However, the question to be asking is what would the better alternative be?

    Great site by the way. Your points are passionate and your communication style is concise. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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