101st post review

(Note: all links are to internal blog postings unless explicitly said otherwise, I’m also going to attempt to not repeat any links.)

Since I’ve written a bit here since I started in June, I’ve decided that I would go through a review of what I’ve posted on. Basically if you’re new here, this is a good intro (since I only just broke 2000 hits, and have since hit 2,400).

An important one is probably on what THz is, since it’s what I named this blog after. I then presented my research on THz at CUPC 2007. Under the topic of science I also wrote on what knowledge I would give to our ancestors if I could (my answer was the modern scientific method). A good exemplification of the scientific method is given by RP Feynman’s talk on Cargo Cult Sciences. Which leads into a distaste for things like chiropractors and alternative medicine (surprisingly I haven’t written on that yet). I also wrote a couple of posts on global warming, which people still can’t seem to accept is happening. More recently I took an interest in Garrett Lisi’s new theory of everything (which still has to be peer-reviewed). Finally, I still like this awesome use of Lego Robotics.

This past summer I finally made it to Warped Tour again (after missing the last 2 or 3). I also went camping and to the Calgary Stampede Parade. I also upgraded my computer during the summer (on the cheap too). And the entire time I’ve had this blog running things have been great with Sonia.

I’ve also written on a few political things (likely more will come) including the America: From Freedom to Fascism documentary, the homeless, democracy, and Sharia Law.

Finally, I move onto where a bulk of my topics is: religion and atheism. Topics range all over the place. The key factor here was my founding the UofA Atheists and Agnostics over the summer, which got me pretty active in the atheist movement (I eventually added this site to the atheist blogroll). I’ve written and linked to overviews of atheism; my personal reasons for disbelief; several times on ethics and atheism; creationism keeps coming up, but that means there are many, many spoofs of it; it then leads that I need to emphasize evolution (which I’ll likely do more of); and then comes the varying tales and spoofs (more, and Stacey’s Law) (or things I wish were spoofs) of dogmatic fundamentalism; I started to read the bible (will likely continue during the holidays, ironically enough) and attempts to understand modern Christianity; and I also read the God Delusion (some of my other posts came about from reading this), and replied to critics of Dawkins; my issue with Humanism; the Atheist motivational poster I made for a contest; and porn.

There’s still a few things that I plan to write on (besides things that instantaneously piss me off or excite me to post immediately), including the Rhino party, death, why atheism is not religious, Gideon bibles, relativism, and more of the bible (I did get through Leviticus, and I’ll do at least a couple more Old Testament books before really diving into the New Testament stuff).  So stay tuned and thanks for reading!