Secular convocation versus Charles McVety

CH News Hamilton was kind enough to invite me onto their show on Friday to discuss the secular convocation issue. The fun was compounded by adding Charles McVety, the Jerry Falwell of Canada.

Here’s the video (the interview starts at about the 2:30 mark – I’m trying to pull it offline for YouTubing at the moment).

8 thoughts on “Secular convocation versus Charles McVety”

  1. Mr. Bushfield is one of the reasons north America is in a big mess.

    of course this is my opinion just like Mr. Bushfield’s has his own

    It is funny that some one that does not believe in God has a

    problem with people that do maybe you are missing something? perhaps

    spiritual. hope you understand my message

    1. Unfortunately I do not understand your message. Are you saying atheists are a problem? If so, provide evidence or rationale for that statement. Also, I do not have a problem with people who believe in God, just those who try to impose it on me, like Mr. McVety would.

    2. Wow Ian, I did not know you had so much power. Jon, hoping that Ian will understand isn’t very helpful. Perhaps some remedial writing classes would help.

      If I get the drift of Jon’s reply, I think he is blaming atheists for the problems in North America. Jon forgets that Christians are the majority.

  2. Good job on the interview. You stood up pretty well against that blowhard. What’s McVety’s story? What organization is he part of? Is he only a big name in Alberta, or should I have heard of him on the west coast?

    1. McVety heads the Canadian Family Action Coalition, he’s active across Canada in fighting what he perceives as attacks on Traditional Christian Values (i.e. atheism, secularism, homosexuals, etc.)

  3. Ah. Well, when you said he was the Jerry Falwell of Canada, what else could I expect? Also a good indicator is if they belong to a group with the word ‘Family’ in the title.

    At the company I worked at, one of the directors said he was on the board at Focus on the Family, and when he found out my wife and I adopted, he gave us a book on raising children put out by them. I politely accepted (I liked my job), but the book has long since disappeared 🙂

  4. Ian,

    Keep fighting the good fight. You have a challenge before you that will take decades to resolve, if ever. One brick at a time and the wall will fall. (That said the replacement bricks are breeding like inbred bunnies. Not sure what to do there 🙂

    Grease up your arsenal of responses, and polish them with replies; polish them so the “Ignorant & Uninformed” hang themselves with their own words.

    “All Hail the Great FSM!”…DOH!!!


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