Conservaspam and Gritspam

I received my latest Conservaspam a few weeks ago (older spams here, here, here, and here), so here it is, this time portraying Mr. Ignatieff as a typical “tax and spend” Liberal.



Even richer though, is Liberal John Cannis‘ 10 per center from Scarborough Centre which accuses the Conservatives of underfunding science (notice that it follows almost the exact same format as the Conservaspam template):



I now actually have to give credit to Harper and crew for being willing to include the other major national party leaders (Layton and May). Harper’s arrow is even less pointed at himself on this one. However both loose points for no comment line.

I really find it rich that the Liberals are criticizing the Harper budget now, that they voted for over 4 months ago.

I was even a little wary that today’s Edmonton Journal editorial entitled “Curtail MPs’ newsletter rights” would simply be a response to this recent Gritspam, but actually attacks the Harpercons for using their 10 per centers to push their attack ads. Most priceless is Fort McMurray Conservative MP Brian Jean’s comments defending the spam:

I don’t think of it as an attack at all. I think it is providing information and my job is to inform Canadians as to what their options are.

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  1. Let’s be fair in that Jean and company are providing plenty of important information to voters. Namely, that they either have nothing to say (or have long since signed away the right to say anything) beyond what the Cons’ ad campaign tells them.

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