Did I mention I’m running for School Board?

If you’re not following me on Facebook or my personal blog, you may have missed my initial announcement that I’m running for one of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) nominations for Vancouver School Board.

You can follow all my campaign updates at my other site: http://ian.bushfield.ca

The nomination meeting’s on September 18th, and until then I still need your help to raise my $500 nomination fee, so click the widget below and chip in a few bucks:

3 thoughts on “Did I mention I’m running for School Board?”

  1. Is there a residency requirement for donations? I’d like to throw you a couple bucks, but I’m in Manitoba, so I want to make sure I’m not running afoul of any financing laws.

    1. BC’s local election laws are pretty loose at the moment, and this as this is a nomination, not for the election itself, there should be no issue with out-of-province donations. Thanks for the support!

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